Pompeii Painting Safety Policy

Pompeii Painting, Inc. is serious about the safety of its employees and its clients.  We conduct criminal background checks and perform pre-employment, post accident and random drug testing for all employees.   Our Union painters are continually being trained and retrained on jobsite safety issues.  Our safety managers conduct daily and weekly safety meetings with our crews to ensure a zero tolerance for safety violations.  From broken grounds on extension cords to ladders and scaffolding training our safety managers ensure everyone working on the job has the proper training and equipment.

Because of the nature of our business, some industrial and commercial paints we use can be very dangerous if not handled correctly.  Careful inspection of all Material Safety Data sheet and the manufacturer’s specifications is done by all of our painters.  We work closely with the manufacturer and the client and contractor to ensure all parties are familiar with the products application process and take the necessary steps to eliminate any danger to anyone in the area.

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